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ETH-back guarantee


  • Must hold in same wallet for 30 days after mint-out. There is a grace period of 48 hours. So you may transfer the NFT within the first 48 hours after mint-out without issue.
  • Does not apply to partner token mints
  • Must not claim any rewards. This includes membership rewards, ERC-20 tokens, AND Silver dollars in discord from your NFTs. It is ok to continue to claim from bounties and the silver loot channel.
  • Listing the NFT on any marketplace also voids the Eth-back guarantee

How it works

If you qualify:

  • 30 days after mint-out, a refund button will appear on our website ( Click it, sign transaction and receive the amount in Eth that you paid when minting back to your wallet.
  • You may do this up to 6 months after mint-out